Frequently asked questions

Wondering about your car rental with Dansk Auto Rent? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. 

Frequently asked questions

Who can rent Tax-Free cars from Dansk Auto Rent?

Due to tax-regulations in Denmark, both the renter and additional drivers must have a permanent address outside Denmark, and not be registered at Dansk Folkeregister (The Danish Registry of Citizenship).


SNOW TIRES: Are they mandatory in Denmark?

In Denmark it is not mandatory by law to have snow tyres on your car. Snow tyres are available in Denmark from 1 December to 31 March with 24 hours advance notice and for all vehicle groups.

Outside this period, snow tyres might be available but cannot be booked via the Internet. For further information and/or booking, please contact us at


The additional fee is DKK 40.00 (excluding tax) per day, DKK 280.00 (excluding tax) per week with a maximum of DKK 600.00 (excluding tax) per rental.

Dansk Auto Rent does not offer spike tires.


What if I don´t fill the car with gas when I bring it back?

We will charge the fuel on your credit card and add a service fee. You can also at time of pickup ask for the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO), so you have everything in place before returning. The price for FPO varies according to the list-price of fuel.


How old must I be to rent a car with Dansk Auto Rent?

Minimum age: Car group: A,B - 19 years
Car group: C, D, K, L, O, P, Q, Q1, T, T1, U – 23 years
Maximum age: No maximum age applicable.

Young driver: Young driver surcharge is applicable on all drivers from 19 – 24 years with an additional fee of DKK 125.00 per day. This surcharge is payable directly at location.


What are the demands regarding Drivers License?

At the time of rental, the driver must present a valid national driver's license which has been held for at least 12 months. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required for non-European Union renters.

If the driving license has been issued in the People’s Republic of China, the license must be accompanied by a notarized translation instead of an IDP. The IDP translates the national driving license into various languages and is not accepted without the national license.

EU nationals will need to present a valid national identity card or a passport in addition to their national driver's license, at the rental counter as photographic identification.

Non-EU nationals will need to present a passport in Roman alphabet at the rental counter as proof of identity.


Where do I pick up the car?

Dansk Auto Rent is served by Hertz. There is a description in your confirmation, that tells you where the Hertz counter is located.


Where and how do I drop off the car?

Just park your car at the Hertz parking area as specified on your rental agreement.


How do I extend a rental?

You will only be charged for the number of days you have the car. Please see below how days are calculated, and also be aware, that some rates can be calculated as a special offer (e.g. 1 week = 5-7 days rental).


How do you calculate the rental days?

The minimum rental period is one day. A rental day is calculated as 24 hours from time of pickup.
Example: You pickup the car on Wednesday at 08:00. Then the minimum rental is until Friday at 08:00.
There is a 29 min. grace time, which means, that if you return the car more than 29 min. after your stated pickup time, you will be charge for an extra day.
Example: You pickup the car on Wednesday at 08:00, and return it Friday at 08:45. Then you will be charged for 3 days rental.


How and when do I pay?

At time of pickup we will take an authorization for the rental amount on your credit card, and the card will be charged when the car is returned.
We accept Eurocard/Mastercard, VISA credit card, American Express and Diners. No cash payment. 

Please note that we are unable to amend the credit card details in our systems after pick up. This is due to new and improved payment procedures for our customers credit card safety.


How do you charge for child seats?

You can simply add the child seats on the website, and they will automatically be calculated in the total price.


Can I be sure to get the size car I booked?

Yes! We guarantee that you will get the size car you booked or larger.


Are your prices all inclusive?

The rental price of the car is all inclusive! All Rates include liability insurance regarding 3rd party bodily and property damage and collision damage/theft insurance with 0,- excess. You are not liable to pay for loss of revenue in case of damage or theft. There can be incidents, where the insurance lapses, e.g. violating traffic law regulation etc. Please be advised, that the terms & conditions applicable for your rental, are the terms and conditions stated on the Rental Agreement at time of pickup.

The only possible additional charges are additional equipment (e.g. child seats or snow tires) and additional drivers. Additional equipment  you can can add on the booking page and is calculated in your total price of the car. Additional driver must be purchased at location with the additional driver present at a price of 
Fuel: The car is rented with a full tank, and as long as you return it with a full tank, you will not be charged anything extra. You can however at time of pickup choose a fuel purchase option.